Having returned to the structure of school, kids with September birthdays might enjoy ‘going primitive’ again for a while.


For costume ideas, visit:







If your local shops don’t carry anything that fits this theme, try:



As always, be mindful of guests’ allergies & religious observances.

A lot of what cave people ate isn’t around anymore (eg. roast mammoth), and your chances of getting kids to eat some of what is (eg. ferns, cattails, assorted insects…) are slim. In lieu of that, you’ll just have to offer up modern foodstuffs that can be eaten with fingers – preferably around a bonfire.


As to the cake:





For craft ideas, visit:



Bone Dig; Have dinosaur ‘bones’ (possibly from dinosaur making kits) hidden in sand for kids to dig up.

Dinosaur Hunt: Hide multitudinous small plastic dinosaurs, or multitudinous small plastic eggs containing small dinosaurs, and see who can find the most.

Pin-The-Tail On The Dinosaur

Dinosaur Stomp: See how many balloons the ‘dinosaurs’ can break by stomping on them.

Pass the Dinosaur Egg: Put a small toy dinosaur inside a plastic egg for kids to pass around as music plays. When it stops, the egg ‘hatches’ and the kid holding it can claim the dinosaur within. The egg is then refilled and the game goes on.

Brontosaurus, Brontosaurus, T-Rex: Just like ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, except the child tagged as a T-Rex should probably ‘roar’ as he/she chases the other kid around the circle.

Caveman Fight: Using pool noodles or long balloons as clubs.

Wheel Race: In lieu of stone wheels, have your young cave people propel old tires along with sticks.

Don’t Wake The Dinosaurs: Kids portraying dinosaurs curl up in sleeping positions. Cave kids have to try to sneak past without making any noise or otherwise alerting  the dinosaurs to their presence. If one gets ‘roused’, the dinosaurs wake up and give chase, and the cave kids have to run for a predetermined ‘cave’ to avoid being ‘eaten’ (tagged). For older kids, you can make only one dinosaur a dangerous dinosaur, with only the dinosaurs knowing which one that is so the cave kids have to be careful around all of them.

Herbivores vs. Carnivores: Divide kids into teams. Have one team look for hidden picture cards of the types of vegetation herbivore dinosaurs would have found succulent, the other for pictures of the kinds of creatures the carnivore dinosaurs would have found succulent (mostly the herbivores). Whichever team finds the most cards within a specific time period wins.



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