Since kids don’t usually give up birthdays for Lent, how about a Bible theme?


Tell guests’ parents to dig out what their kids wore for the school/Sunday School nativity play, or visit:




If your local shops don’t carry anything suitable, try:



For invitation ideas/downloads try: http://storykeepers.com/kids


As always, be mindful of guests’ allergies & religious observances.

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Dates (Good luck getting kids to eat these.)
  • Figs (Or these. Probably not even as Fig Newtons)
  • Olives
  • Almonds
  • Bread & Honey
  • Cucumber Slices
  • Animal Crackers (Noah’s Ark)
  • ‘Goldfish’ Crackers
  • Kebabs

Then, of course, there’s the cake, and there are lots of bible-adaptable themes to choose from. For starters, how about a Joseph’s Coat Of Many Colours Cake? (Just make and ice an ordinary cake and make a ‘coat’ shape on it out of Smarties or other colourful candies.)

Some other ideas:

Ten Commandments Cake


Noah’s Ark Cake



Whale Cake


Donkey Cake (Okay, so it’s actually a horse, but if you make the ears longer …)


Lamb Cake



For craft ideas, visit:





Some of these are best played outdoors or in a really big room.

Guess Who? (for older children who know their Bible stories well): Write names of well-known Bible characters on card and have each child pull one out of a jar, keeping it secret from the others. In pairs, children alternately ask each other questions to determine who the other one is. (Eg. “Did you eat some forbidden fruit your wife gave you?” “Did you watch over your baby brother when he was hidden in some bulrushes?”, “Did you climb a tree to get a better view of Jesus?”) The winner is the one in each pair to guess the other’s identity first, after which all these winners pair with each other until there’s only one child left whose identity has not been guessed, making him/her the ultimate winner.

Loading The Ark: Hide plastic animals (two of each kind) around the house/yard. Give each child a large paper ‘ark’ shape’ and see who can place the most pairs on his/her ark within a set time.

Slingshot : Set up a target. Provide children with slingshots/slings and table tennis balls to see who’s as good a shot with one as David.

Wolf Watch:  Choose one child to be a wolf, and two to be shepherds. The rest are sheep. Sheep gather in a ‘pasture’ area, in which shepherds walk around guarding them. Wolf tries to tag a sheep before shepherds can tag him/her. If a sheep is tagged, he/she becomes the wolf.

Walls of Jericho: Build a high wall out of large, empty cardboard boxes. Have children walk around it blowing party horns. At signal from adult, horn blowing stops and kids get to knock down the wall.

Well Race: Place a large tub of water some distance away from teams of kids. First player in line on each team takes a big open-topped plastic jug, runs to ‘well’, fills jug, and tries to get back to team as fast as possible without spilling too much as he/she carries jug on shoulder. Water gets emptied into team pail, and next kid in line takes off. First team to fill their pail wins.

Casting The Net (for older children): Two kids are fishermen, the rest fish. Arm the ‘fishermen’ with gauze curtain ‘nets’ and let them try to get it over as many ‘fish’ as possible with one cast. (Fish get to mill about.)

Donkey Race: Some children are donkeys, others riders. Donkeys race on all fours with riders on their backs.


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